My Bling Experience 💎

June 17th 2021 started off as a normal day, until I received an email completely out of the blue from a production company. Explaining about a new concept for a TV show called BLING to feature on ITV. They had found me on their search for a goldsmith that specialised in making jewellery. I was asked if I’d be interested in being on the ‘MAKE’ counter….?

The next day we Zoomed and chatted both asking questions, I was told that the producer needed to see the Zoom call and if I was what they were looking for, then it was down to ITV to say yes!

Three weeks later I was on my way from North Yorkshire to Exeter to start filming with Gok Wan!

The programme takes place in the Bling shop, which has four counters – Buy, Sell, Make and Fix, each counter has two jewellery specialists.

Outside the Bling Store

Arriving at my hotel I checked in and tried to get an early night, I didn’t get much sleep and I was incredibly nervous the morning of my first day of filming. However, as soon as I arrived the crew were incredible and made me feel so welcome, I then met Gok who immediately made me feel at ease, he had me laughing and I straight away felt part of the team.

The Bling store was an empty shop unit in a shopping mall in Exeter, it was brilliantly transformed into a shop studio for the filming; it was a real wow when you first entered the store. The lighting, props, counters all with gold and white. It felt real but, only this time with cameras. There was even a cross on the floor at the back of the Make counter where I had to stand that said Expert. It made me laugh, but I was assured I was an Expert!

The Make Counter

During the course of July and into August I met eight lovely customers all with their own heartwarming story, all asking for transformations of their precious jewellery.

I worked with each customer asking their needs and designing specific ideas that we could work with. Then under a tight schedule due to the filming I made the pieces of jewellery

In the Workshop

Whilst I was working on each piece I reflected on the reasons why I was asked and trusted to remake the item, I was very touched by the stories which, on the reveals of the jewellery to the customers is quite obvious, as I cry at every reveal, even the director passed me a tissue!

I said to Gok off camera “I’m pathetic aren’t I?” He replied “No Nikki you’re just one big walking heart.” It was a lovely compliment.

The Reveal Area

Bling has certainly got the nation opening up their jewellery boxes to see what is in there to either sell, fix or make into something new, I have had a great deal of enquiries and each one has got a story and a reason, so the program is definitely working it’s magic.

Gok is a perfect front of house for Bling, not only has he got fashion and jewellery knowledge, his character shines as bright as the diamonds in the store, and he is so gifted at making people open up and share their life stories but puts them at ease with kindness and empathy.

The Man Himself

The team of experts all helped and supported each other and we continue to do so and we all sit with bated breathe that ITV will want more… “What’s that Bling Team, are you up for a series two?”

You bet we are!

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  1. We’ve sp enjoyed Blig, what a talent you are Nikki, and pure gold in front of the camera, well done. Fingers crossed fo series 2

  2. You were a natural , proud to call you my friend and I think every piece of jewellery I wear is made by you xx

  3. You were amazing Nikki! Great show enhanced considerably by your lovely personality and brilliant skills.

  4. Wonderful programme hope they do another series. You are a star Nikki!

  5. Stephanie Robertson Avatar
    Stephanie Robertson

    Loved Bling, and especially love your work. You were so spot on with what they wanted & I thought each one would have suited me 😄
    I Kept hoping all the ‘Makes’ were going to be with you!
    I have been looking at getting an old ring remade for a while, so will be in touch. Here’s hoping you can fit me in. x

  6. Its a fabulous series done with compassion and a real genuine feel. Not like most of the shock TV of today. I love it and love your designs x

  7. Loved the series… of course they’ll be a second.. !!!

  8. It was a fantastic show I absolutely loved watching it and especially you and your beautiful craft Nikki

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