Designing and making amazing pieces over the years is a privilege for me, I can discuss your ideas and wishes with a complete design service and make a unique piece of jewellery just for you.

This enables you to have your very own bespoke piece of jewellery made, using precious metals from Platinum, gold or silver. I can provide a whole host of gemstones from the most precious diamonds, rubies, sapphires, opals and pearls to the more rare and unusual.
Engagement rings are a massive part of my business along with wedding rings, all designed and made to your requirements.

Remakes / Recycling

One subject that is a regular part of people’s lives is RECYCLING … So why not be ‘green’ with your old jewellery?

We all have jewellery in our box we don’t wear anymore, odd earrings, broken chains, the piece you got for your 21st, or inherited, most of this being of great sentiment, so you will never want to sell it but you know you will never wear it as your tastes have changed.

Well… why not have it re-designed and re-made into a new piece of jewellery to suit your lifestyle now?

You can completely recycle your jewellery and transform it into a unique piece of just for you. Use the original metal and stones (if applicable) to have one or more pieces of jewellery made, you can even add new stones too!

Email me, I’m always happy to discuss any recycling ideas you may have with you.